The use of words dictated by the Academy of Persian Language and Literature: Quantitative and qualitative study of Iranian course-books in Theoretical Branch (1400)

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Academy of Persian Language and Literature


The use of dictated words in texts and related issues is as important as their production in the Academy of Persian Language and Literature and other formal or informal institutions. As long as words are not put into the text, their usability, linguistic and semantic capabilities are not revealed, and the user can not understand the word as well, and his level of linguistic knowledge is hidden. Also, on the other hand, texts are measured in terms of the originality of the structure. Since the use of equals in textbooks has been on the agenda for reviewing the Educational Writing and Planning Organization, research on the quantity and quality of that use attracted the attention of researchers. This research concentrates on some of the problems in textbooks regarding using of these words and their quantity. The research texts include the books of the elementary course and the first and second years of the theoretical branch of the 1400 edition. The research method is based on studying and examining the content of texts from different aspects of form, linguistics, semantics, and education of these equivalents in books and receiving the problems and causes of its occurrence. The purpose of this study is to refine the Persian language from the harms caused by the influence of foreign words and applied errors; Such as inappropriate context, inappropriate foreign words, incorrect category structures, ambiguity, incorrect application of approvals. Therefore, According to the findings of this study, most of the problems are in the field of syntactic relations between words and also the inconsistency in using the correct way of inserting equals in books. From a quantitative point of view, these cases include more general words with abstract meanings than specialized and objective words. Therefore, it is necessary to review most textbooks for proper use of this group of equals. This study will help to smooth the path of application of approvals in the Persian language and its fluency, both in the field of word selection and in the field of contextualization, in textbooks.


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