H?r?m? is a g?r?n? dialect and subset of G?r?n?-Z?z? linguistic
branch and is considered as one of northwest Iranian dialects.
H?r?m? is a preserved dialect and have preserved the archaic
phonetic and inflective characteristics, so etymological study of this
dialect leads to considerable points in more accurate identification
of Iranian languages. In this article, etymological study of some
verbs of H?r?m? have been investigated and assumptive form of the
dialect’s middle age and also proto-Iranian of past and present stem
of these verbs has been reconstructed. There is also effort to be
specified position of this dialect in scope of Iranian languages, by
studying phonetic transformations of these verbs and mention of
cognate words. Dialectic materials of this study have been collected
from native speakers of H?r?m?n ? Luh?n.