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Ph.D Graduated in linguistics University of Sistan and Baluchestan , Education English Teacher in Divandareh, Kurdistan


This paper is a criticism of Dabirmoghaddam and Naseri (1396 [2017]). Although the evaluated work introduces a new approach and deals with the less studied category, namely preposition, ( in some Iranian languages: Persian, Kermanshahi Kurdish and Luri) it suffers from so many shortcomings: structurally, it lacks the framework of a scientific paper; most of the proposed equivalents are vague and inexpressive and the language of the paper and the translated excerpts is obscure, the passage lacks semantic cohesion; nearly all the materials have been taken from the original resources and even have been translated incompletely and wrongly. As a result, the authors have not utilized their own pens to present the discussions and introduce the framework; most of the subjects presented in the criticized paper are redundant and incoherence avails a lot. In many cases referring to the resources is not correct and one even can think of a kind of suspicious plagiarism. Ultimately, not only have Dabirmoghaddam and Naseri not (1396 [2017]) well introduced nanosyntax theoretically but they have not presented a clear picture of it.


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